Cricket Coaching Sydney
Cricket Coaching Sydney

Head Cricket Coach - Ankit Grover

“Cricket coaching is my passion! As a result, I enjoy being on my feet, running around with my players, interacting with them, helping them and learning from them. This is my dream and I will continue to coach for as long as my back and knees allow” – Ankit

My Experience & Expertise – 

  • 10 years full time experience as a cricket coach in Australia and England.
  • Helped 1000+ junior and senior cricketers improve performance in matches.
  • CA and ECB certified cricket coach.
  • Worked with players from Australia, England, India, Dubai, Switzerland and USA.
  • A grade mens cricketer in Sydney.
  • Opening pace bowler and middle order batsmen.
  • Previous overseas player in Leicestershire, U.K. in 2017.

As an all-rounder cricketer myself, I know the challenges faced by both bowlers and batsmen. With this in mind, I am here to help my players perform better in matches – score more runs and take more wickets!

Why is it important to find a good cricket coach?

A short story by Ankit Grover

Sometime ago now, I was 10 and very keen to join my high school cricket team. Due to the school being a small public school we could only afford to have one junior cricket team. And so I was nervous, even though I had been preparing for weeks. After a hearty net session where I put in my best effort I waited eagerly for the coach to call out my name. Unfortunately I was given a thumbs down. For that reason I was disappointed and confused, however I knew I could do better. I wanted to know – how could I improve for next year? And so I approached the coach and asked him for some guidance, he replied “you just have to try harder next time”. This baffled me as I knew I had put 100% in that session. As a result, at that tender age I thought I was not good enough and I never tried for the school team again. 

Above all, from this experience I learnt the most important characteristic of a good coach – being supportive!

Other key traits of an excellent cricket coach -

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