No.10 – How to Swing a Tennis Ball | Cricket Batting Drills (With Video!)

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Without a doubt us older cricketers have done something like this when we were younger. Yes, I am referring to taping a tennis ball to make it swing for the bowler. Clearly this sounds like all fun and games for young cricketers. However, there is a huge benefit to using this drill to train and develop batting skills against swing bowling. 

For most part of their junior cricket (until U12s), batsmen face bowlers who do not swing the ball much. As a result, when they enter U13s and U14s they struggle against the natural swing that some of the fast and taller bowlers generate in this age group. For the most part they are able to hold their wicket but find it difficult to score runs against the swinging ball. 

On the other hand, a batsmen who has trained for swing bowling from age 10 or 11 onwards will have a bigger advantage than his or her peers in a few years time. You can never underestimate the power of experience and practice. For this reason I use the swinging tennis ball in my coaching and introduce it early to young cricketers who surprisingly enjoy this challenge! 

In summary, I encourage all parents and coaches to watch the video above and try this activity with their players and have fun with it! 

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