No.11 – Must Fix Double Hop Issue in Bowling | Cricket Bowling Drills (With Video!)

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I get immense joy when I see a young player realize how much they have improved through practice. Most importantly though, the practice should be the right practice (repeating a bad habit just makes it stronger). What does right practice mean? It could mean making sure no bad habits are being repeated again and again and going unnoticed.

For instance, the double hop habit that young bowlers develop from an early age. This is a faulty bowling action as it does not allow the bowler to set themselves for best accuracy and speed. Very rarely do young bowlers succeed with this action. Importantly, it is our job as coaches is to spot this fault and fix it straight away. As a results, allowing the bowler to bowl at their highest capability!

Breaking it down, the double hop basically means that a bowler jumps off their dominant foot and lands again on the dominant foot. For example, a right arm bowler jumps off their right foot and lands again on the right foot as they release the ball. Alternatively, the correct action for the right arm bowler would be jumping off the left foot and landing on the right foot as they release. Vice versa for left arm bowlers.

In the video above I make an attempt to show you examples of this issue and an easy drill to fix it. My goal is for parents to be able to help their children at an early age. As a result, you will see a positive change in your child’s bowling ability as they grow and they will thank you for it!

Additionally, If I can help you or your child’s cricket in any way please feel free to reach out to me and I would love to help!

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