No.12 – Improve Your Off-side Shots | Cricket Batting Drill (With Video!)

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I am back for the 2021 winter season where I will be uploading weekly videos and blog posts sharing what I have learnt from my 10 years of cricket coaching experience. 

One of the trickiest cricket shots to learn for a young cricketer is the cut shot. Many a times I see young batsmen not sure exactly how and where to hit the ball when the delivery is short and outside off stump. In this blog post (and attached video) I will go through a very simple step by step process to help a batsmen of any age develop their cut shot. 

Step 1 – Following the video above, we see the first drill where the batsmen works on staying side on to the ball and catching the ball behind him. This drill is a very a simple cricket drill to help the batsmen learn to stay side on and play the ball late (which are the basics of the cut shot). 

Step 2 – In the second drill (shown in the video), now the batsmen advances to hitting the ball with the stump in their right hand. This exercise helps develop the habit of hitting the ball with a up-to-down bat swing, which ensures that the ball stays along the ground. 

Step 3 – Finally the batsmen progresses to playing the shot with a bat. Rinse and repeat Step 1 and Step 2 as many times as required until the batsmen can play atleast 5 out of 10 proper cut shots with the bat. 

The feeds from the parent or coach should start of as a simple underarm loopy feed outside the off-stump. Moving on to an overarm and quicker feed after few days / 1 week. And then finally moving to bowlers or side arm if necessary. Balls to use – start off with a soft tennis ball and move on to hard leather ball only once the batsmen is comfortable. This drill is good for player’s aged 7 yrs and above.


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