No.13 – Improve Your Batting Against Spinners | Easy Batting Drill (With Video!)

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A very rewarding experience for any age batsmen is learning how to move their feet against spin bowlers. In this article (and video!) I show you a VERY simple drill that will help a batsmen move their feet to get into a good position to play a spinners delivery. 

Step 1 – First we need to mark 3 zones on the pitch. These 3 zones are used by the batsmen to decide whether to step forward to the ball or go back and play that delivery. 

The batsmen takes a big step forward from the crease (as shown in the video) to mark their first line, and then another small step to mark their second line. This now creates a box that is Zone 2. The area in front of the box (towards the batsmen) is Zone 3, and the area behind the box (closer to the bowler) is Zone 1.  As shown in the image below – Zone 1 (Red), Zone 2 (Yellow) and Zone 3 (Blue).

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Step 2 – Now turning and flighted balls are fed to the batsmen mimicking a spinner. If the batsmen predicts the ball will bounce in Zone 1, they start moving their body weight back, if they think the ball will land in Zone 2 or 3 they immediately move their body weight onto the front foot. 

This allows the batsmen to get into great positions to then defend or attack a spinner’s deliver. 

There it is – a VERY SIMPLE drill for batsmen to improve their foot movement against spinners!

The feeds from the parent or coach should start of as a simple overarm turning and flighted deliveries. Once batsmen feels confident, a spin bowler can be used. This drill is great for player’s aged 10 yrs and above.


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