No.14 – Improve Your Front Foot Batting (All Ages) | Improve Balance (With Video!)

Hello Everyone!

In this blog post I will share a common batting issue that I look out for in our academy coaching sessions. This issue arises in batsmen of all ages and persists if not fixed. 

The issue is this – as a batsmen (of any ages) learns to play front foot shots, they are sometimes unaware of what their back foot is doing. They are so focused on their front foot moving, that their back foot movements are not given much attention. This leads to all sorts of back foot slides and twists! One of the examples is shown in the image below, where the back foot twists up and the heel is pointing up. This causes the batsmen to become squared up in the hips and commonly leads to hitting the ball early, causing edges and ball going in the air.

Cricket Coaching Sydney

The fix for this is SIMPLE, keep the foot parallel to the crease and the toe pointing to the point fielder (as shown below). 

This allows the batsmen to get into a more side on position to play the shot, where they will more likely play the ball later and more effectively. 

Cricket Coaching Sydney

I hope the above is of some help, if you have any questions you can leave them in the comments down below.

All the Best!

– Ankit

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