No.15 – Stop Hitting the Ball in the Air (With Video!)

Hello Everyone!

“Time the ball better” ” Keep it on the ground” “Play it late” are some of the expressions all players hear from coaches and parents when they are batting in the nets. 

Sometimes it is important for a batsmen to feel what it means to play the ball late, as opposed to being told this concept. 

In this simple drill the batsmen will get an opportunity to feel what it feels like to play the ball late, thus timing it well, through a simple means of not moving their feet!

Not moving their feet! – This might seem like a counterintuitive thing to do (and it is!) but for the means of this drill, there should be zero feet movement, and thus the batsmen allows the ball to come to them. Thus feeling what it feels like to play the ball late / time the ball well. 

I hope the above is of some help to you, if you have any questions you can leave them in the comments down below.

All the Best!

– Ankit

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