No.16 – 5 Types of Throwdowns to a Batsmen (With Video!)

Hello Everyone!

Are you a parent, coach (or just a really good friend) who wants to help their batsmen in the nets?

Then this post is for you. 

Below I have outlined 5 different types of feeds or throw downs that can be used in the nets with your batsmen. These feeds can be used to work on any shot that the batsmen needs to work on.

These feeds can be used with a batsmen of any age and ability. 

Here they are (watch the video alongside to see how to execute the feed) – 

1) Drop feeds – a very simple way to get the batsmen’s feet moving to the ball. Really good for practicing technique and shape for drives and advancing down the wicket. Can be used for batsmen of any age. 

2) Underarm feeds – another simple feed to help the batsmen work on drives, sweeps & back foot shots against spinners. Can be used for batsmen of any age. 

3) Quick underarm feeds – exactly the same as No.2 but this is a great warm up drill and also a way to develop batting endurance in a young batsmen. Good for batsmen ages 10+ years.

4) Low overarm feeds – gets the batsmen a feel of the real trajectory of the ball (when bowled by the bowler). Great to work on the defence & back foot punches. Can be used for batsmen of any age. 

5) Overarm feeds – as close to the real bowler as possible. A little more challenging than low overarm feeds, as ball might be released from above the batsmen’s eye line. Great for batsmen 10+ years. 

Hope the above was useful for you and hope you enjoyed the video as well!

All the Best!

– Ankit

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