No.17 – Improve Front Foot Off-Side Shots (With Video!)

Hello Everyone!

There are plenty of runs to be had on the off-side. Scoring these runs requires a good off-side batting technique, without this technique a batsmen is just relying on luck, and luck can only get one so far!

This post (and the above video) shows us the below mistakes in front foot technique that some batsmen make when trying to score runs on the off-side – 

1) Taking a very big step towards the off-side delivery. This big step leaves very less room to play the shot.

2) Closing the face of the bat, this habit leads to lots of edges and misses.

What is the the solution!

The solution is simply to take a smaller step and open the face of the bat, but please watch the video above to see the right technique to play these off-side shots and score some runs!

Hope the above was useful for you and hope you enjoyed the video as well!

All the Best!

– Ankit


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