No.4 – Bowling Front Foot Issue Fix (With Video!)

Hello Everyone!

In this post I am looking at a bowling fault common amongst young cricketers aged 7-18 years.

As a result of my coaching experience over the last 10 years, I have observed some common issues present amongst fast bowlers. Unfortunately, these issues limit a bowlers true potential. 

First and foremost, as the bowler releases the ball their head and upper body falls to the side. Subsequently, their back leg kicks out to the other side. In other words, their action is too spread out to bowl straight consistently. 

In order to fix this we must make their action very compact, bring the head and leg closer to their centre line. 

And so in this video I go through drills specifically to fix these 2 issues. Furthermore, you can practice these drills even at home, I encourage this because this will allow more practice time for the cricketer.

Following this, I urge you to watch the above video and if you spot this issue with your player or child you now have a way of fixing it!

All the best!

Love to Play! – Ankit

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