No.5 – Learn to Spin the Ball | Cricket Training Drills (With Video!)

Hello Everyone!

From the first few years that children learn cricket we only teach them how to bowl fast! Faster! Fastest!

As a result I do not see many quality spinners in junior cricket (saying this there are some hand picked talented spinners out there) but most of them learn to spin late – sometime in U11/12s. 

However, we need more spinners with 3-4 years of experience. And so I encourage all 8-9 year olds to try learning to spin (as well as bowl pace). Having both skills is useful for many reasons! 

First and foremost, we need to teach our young players the basics of how to grip the ball, use their fingers, use their wrists and shoulders to spin the ball. And so in the video above I go through basic drills which can be used to instill the curiosity in the young players about spin bowling. 

For the most part, young players may get frustrated and drop the idea of spinning the ball, this is okay! These players naturally love to bowl faster. On the other hand there will be some cricketers who will love it and be obsessed with learning how to spin. 

Undoubtedly these are the cricketers who should be nurtured and coached to become good spinners (with a spinners mindset). To summarise I encourage all players to try the drills in the video above, give it a go and just see how they feel! 

All the best!

Love to Play! – Ankit

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