No.6 – 5 Tips for Young Fast Bowlers | Cricket Bowling Drills (With Video!)

Hello Everyone!

A brilliant fast bowling action is made when 5 key aspects of the action work together. 

First, the head being straight at point of release. This is critical to make sure the bowler is balanced at the point of release. 

Second, the eyes being leveled at point of release. This comes from the head remaining straight.

Third, the back foot (and leg) driving forward as the bowler completes their action. This drives their energy forward as opposed to being distributed to the sides (further elaborated in the last point).

Fourth, a strong back leg is critical for a tall action. 

And lastly, a straight follow through. This leads to all energy of the bowler being released straight towards their target a.k.a stumps. And if all the energy is directed straight, guess what, quicker deliveries!

Nevertheless, there are some bowlers who succeed in 3 or 4 of the 5 areas mentioned above and show faults in other ones. For example, a bowler can have a straight head, eyes leveled at release but their back leg kicks out to the side in their release which results in a sideways follow through. This means slower delivery than what they are capable of. 

In the video above I illustrate drills specifically targeting each of the above 5 fault areas. It should be noted that these a simple drills and can be practiced at home! I encourage all young bowlers practice these and fix any faults that may be limiting their wicket taking ability in matches.

All the best!

Love to Play! – Ankit

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