No.7 – Must Fix Backfoot Issue | Cricket Batting Drills (With Video!)

Hello Everyone!

Backfoot batting technique is a very valuable skill for a batsmen and I am very passionate about helping my players improve this skill (maybe too passionate as you can hear in my voice in the video above, hehe..)

To demonstrate this, I will look at 3 faults a young batsmen might show when they face short bowling. So lets get right into it – 

First, some young batsmen react instinctively to the short ball and drop their head and upper body back. As a result, their back foot hastily goes back but their front foot does not follow, and their final body position is too spread out! In short, they have not moved into the correct position to tackle the short delivery.

Second, I have found a lot of young players have poor balance when they move to their back foot. This leads to the batsmen not waiting for the ball and as a result losing power in their shots. On the other hand, if the batsmen is well seasoned (and balanced) they will be able to generate more power of that back leg .. Hooray!!

And last but not least, some younger player’s shy away from getting on top of the ball. Due to this bad habit, they frequently pop the ball up and give catching practice to their opponents! 

To conclude, I would encourage all parent’s and coaches to keep an eye out for these batting faults and check out the video above for some helpful drills to fix the issues.

All the best!

Love to Play! – Ankit

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