No.8 – Improve Bowling Line and Length | Cricket Bowling Drills (With Video!)

Hello Everyone!

If we had to rate how important line and length is for a bowler the answer would no doubt be 10/10! Undoubtedly, a bowler who has a lot of pace but is erratic in their line and length will rarely see consistent success (this is not what I believe in and my cricket coaching philosophy). The bottom line is – consistency is key and every young fast bowler should make this their # 1 priority.

In this post (and video above) I show you a simple drill to workout where your cricketer or child sits in their line and length game. To add to this, the drill also gives you a metric to quantify improvements in the player’s bowling accuracy, yes! you can literally measure their success!

Saying this, I will leave you to watch the video above. I hope you get a chance to implement this great drill for your young cricketer (or for yourself if you are a senior player). 

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any further questions!

All the best!

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