My son joined Results Cricket academy about four months back . I am very much thankful the academy for my son’s great improvement in such a short period of time. The coach is very skilful in accurately identifying the strength and weaknesses of the trainee and developing an appropriate plan and implement a methodology to improve the performance in all aspects including bowling, batting , fielding and disciplines etc. The facility is conveniently located and well equipped to provide standard level of training. I recommend the “Results Cricket” for anyone who is looking for brighter future in Cricket.
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Father of Laying (2019)
Naksh started training with Ankit 9 months ago and over theses time, Ankit had fine tuned Naksh’s cricket skills from backyard cricketer to professional technical player. Ankit has done a good job in polishing his skills in bowling, batting and as a good fielder. I am so impressed with Naksh cricket skills and big thanks to Ankit on his dedication in shaping and fine tuning Naksh as an all rounder. Thank you Ankit and your team.
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Father of Naksh (2020)
"My son loves attending Ankit's sessions and has improved so much since he started seeing him. Ankit is so patient with the children and has a very gentle but effective way of getting his message across in a positive way. Although he is covering technical skills and repetitive drills, he is still able to keep the sessions fun and motivating. Thank you Ankit!"
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Mother of Aidan (2019)
Ankit trained me one on one for a month. After spending a month, I have been transformed from an average cricketer to a thinking a cricketer who now knows how to continuously improve. The best part of working with Ankit is that he makes you think and learn yourself. He keeps things very simple and does not complicate them. He is very accommodating with timings, locations etc. Highly recommended for all group ages. I hope to work with Ankit again.
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Senior Cricketer UK (2019)
"My son has been to the coaching school for about four months. The way coach Ankit speaks to the children how he motivates them is very good. The effort he put to improve the standard is fantastic. I recommend Ankit to other children"​
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Father of Hashene (2019)
"Ankit started working with Lauren late 2017. Over the past year I have seen Lauren’s match play improve tremendously as skills worked on during coaching are translated to match day performance. I have no doubt that Ankit’s methodical approach to coaching and his ability to relate his thoughts in a way that Lauren is able to understand and implement is a big factor in Lauren’s development"
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Father of Lauren (2019)
"I played 3 seasons of club cricket without a coach and my improvement was significant until I hit a technical barrier. Ankit helped me improve my strengths while highlighting and focusing on my weaknesses. I added completely new aspects to my game which I didnt even dream of before. Overall I'm very happy with the results. Ankit is very friendly, highly knowledgable and has a motivating personality. I highly recommend Ankit to anyone wanting to take their skills to the next level"
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Senior Player (2018)
"I hadn’t really played cricket for 15 years since my school days. The sessions with Ankit have really helped to establish some solid techniques for my bowling and batting. Pretty much all of the significant areas of my game have improved, shot selection, body positioning, line and length bowling, consistency etc. It's been exciting to see the improvement and to feel more confident during games. Thank you Ankit for all of your help and guidance"
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Senior Player (2018)
Ankit has worked wonders with my batting techniques in just 10 sessions . It's just pleasing to understand my potential and bat up the order by the time 10 sessions ended. He is always there alerting your mind what you are doing which worked well for me. I got lot more conscious, decisive and thoughtful when batting in the real matches. Ankit is friendly guy to work with and learning along side him is just a pleasure. Finally, Thanks 🙂 🙂 Ankit
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Senior Player (2018)
"Ankit is a terrific coach. His attention to detail and his dedication to improve my daughter's all round cricket skills are greatly appreciated. Amelie is developing a solid batting technique, improving her bowling and strengthening her fielding, thanks to Ankit"
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Mother of Amelie (2018)
"Ankit has worked wonders with my 16 year old’s batting and bowling techniques in just 5 weeks. Being a little frustrated when getting 7, 11 and 16 at the crease, my son was extremely pleased at making 38, 47 and 70 just before the Christmas break, batting at number 3. Learning positive ways to evaluate each ball bowled throughout the game, has been crucial to my son’s development in this area"
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Mother of Patrick (2018)
"My 10 year old son has been going to Ankit since October 2017. I can see significant improvement in his skills overall since then. Best part is Ankit’s tremendous patience with kids! Very sound in technique and a great human being. We are grateful to you Ankit"
Cricket Coaching Sydney
Father of Arosh (2018)
"Thank you Ankit for the past three months coaching and we are very pleased with Max’s progress. Your exceptional communication skills along with your technical expertise has Max really engaged and loving his cricket as he now understands the “why” in what you have taught him. Look forward to re-commencing the training later on in the year and good luck with the coaching and don’t hesitate to share my recommendation"
Cricket Coaching Sydney
David & Priscilla
Father of Max (2017)
"Ankit is an excellent cricket coach who is thoughtful, well prepared, engaging and – importantly for any beginner – patient. With his guidance I’ve been able to learn the basics of ground fielding, batting and bowling. I really thought the bowling would be beyond me but Ankit was able to break the steps down and work through them progressively with me. He even used slow motion video as part of the coaching, which was a really effective learning tool. I highly recommend Ankit as a cricket coach"
Senior Player (2017)
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